Bottle Balloon Replica
Bottle Balloon Replica
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Replica of Bottle Balloons
All of you already know what balloons are, with various colors and shapes that are usually present in a party decoration. It turns out that the function of the balloon is not just for a birthday party decoration. This type of replica balloon decoration is commonly used for your display outlet that has a product with bottle packaging. Nowadays, not only beverage products that use bottled bottles, beauty products, household products, etc., have already used bottle packaging for the products they are removing.

Replica of Quality Cheap Bottle Balloons

You can imagine if there is a balloon that can visualize your bottled product and then you place the balloon in front of your outlet, it will certainly look good and can attract visitors to come. You don't need to worry about collapsing because if someone pushes the replica it will stand back as before. Can be produced in various sizes, colors, and can be shaped according to the original bottle shape.

The usual size ordered to us is 1 meter - 3 meters or as requested by userr. We use PVC material and the manufacturing process takes 1 week. The selling price is from 1 million to 1.5 million per pcs, for bubbling or filling the wind in this balloon using an electric pump.

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